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Квадрокоптер XAircraft X450

13 500 руб.
НЕТ в наличии!

Артикул: X450


Самовывоз: бесплатно

по Москве: бесплатно

в Санкт-Петербург: бесплатно

по России: 600 рублей


Модель снята с производства, заменена Xaircraft X450 PRO.

Aircraft X450 is a mini version of X650, can fly coupled with remote control and batteries. But X450 is still using the "core" of X650 which owns all the features of X650! Such as the strong expansion capacity, it can be extended to 8 axes aircraft, also can be extended to install GPS, electronic compass, OSD and other modules.

XAircraft X450 is suitable for beginners, owe to its simple and reliable frame structure, the impact resistance is better than X650.

X450 is suitable for electric helicopter and FPV enthusiasts; the load capacity of X450 up to 900g, suitable for FPV equipment or a digital camera.

X450 have a more affordable price, and equipped with more high-end core of X650 - F1212S flight control and AHRS. X450 is suit for those super DIY players, X450 can drive an ordinary PWM power transfer , and a variety of brushless motors, supports 4-axis (X and + two flying styles), 6 axis, 8-axis, etc., It almost support all that you imagine, you can use a more powerful brushless motor and ESC to get a bigger load!

Note: The transmitter,receiver and battery are NOT INCLUDED, you need to prepare a 6-chn(at least) transmitter, a 6-chn(at least) receiver, 3S 2200mAh~5500mAh or 4S 2200mAh~5500mAh lithium battery and assemble X650 youself.


  • Weight: 900g (Excluding receiver and battery)
  • Maximum Gross Take-Off Weight:1300 грамм
  • Recommended Safe Flight Weight:
  • Аккумулятор 3S 1500mAh ~ 5000mAh
  • Airborne Period:>12min(with 3S 22oomAh battery)


  • 1x X450 Fuselage Frame(Glass Fiber and CNC Aluminum Alloy)
  • 4x Outer Rotor Brushless Electric Motor 4x propeller
  • 1x FC1212-S Flight Control System
  • 1x AHRS-S Attitude Sensor
  • 4x XAircraft UltraPWM S20A Electric Speed Control Device

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